Dangers of Ouija

Are there any inherent risks with Ouija? Well it depends upon who’s playing it and why. I’ve attached a short guide which will outline some scenarios where the ouija board maybe considered dangerous

  • Are you of a nervous disposition? If so attempting the Ouija alone can worsen your anxiety particularly if the Ouija returns results that you are not comfortable with.
  • If you subscribe to a belief where the Ouija is considered evil then the chances are that you’ll have a largely negative experience with the board. You’ll often get what you expect with the Ouija but that’s not always the case!
  • This is a similar point to the above but important nonetheless. Use of the Ouija in Christian circles is largely condemned. If someone finds out that you are using the board then its possible that you might be ostracised from your church and/or community. Be careful who you share information with.
  • Addiction is a real possibility if you try it alone. You can help prevent this by keeping a log which lists when you used the board and why. You might want to show this to a trusted ally once in while. You can usually guage from their response whether things are getting out of hand or not.
  • Most of us are open to suggestion. If you believe that you’ve just been posessed by a demon - then your brain will start realising it. Try to think logically at all times.
  • Be wary of malicious users who may attempt to take advantage of your vulnerabilities with the board. Never be afraid to analyse their behaviour and talk it through with others!