How to use a Ouija board
  • Turn the lights down low, draw the curtains and light some candles, each of these will add to the atmosphere and increase the likelihood of getting a response.
  • Incense has been used for thousands of years to help shift consciousness. Burn it everytime you have a seance and your subconscious will enter “seance mode” and become active earlier.
  • As a group set out what you want to ask the Ouija before hand. Make sure that you are all comfortable with the territory being covered as any anxiety at all can ruin the mood of the party.
  • It’s best holding seances with people you trust. Nothing ruins the atmosphere more than asking others “Are you moving that?”. Make sure that you recriprocate that trust too!
  • If anything unusual happens remain calm and try not to speculate whilst the boards “in session”. Instead wait until the seance is over and then take stock. If someone starts panicing, pause for a moment, reassure them and then continue. If they don’t feel better within a few minutes let them take a breather.
  • Try to still your mind before the seance commences, this way it’ll be easier to pick up on any sensations or vibrations from the board. If your mind is chattering away to itself all the time then it will be much harder to detect any signals.
  • The venue is crucial! It’s probably not the best idea to hold a seance in a graveyard, mainly because it’s very disrespectful! Make sure that everyone in your party is at ease in their current surroundings, if not agree upon a new place.
  • Accept critical opinion. The last thing you want is a fight to breakout mid-seance between believers and skeptics! Remember that each person will have their own motives for playing the ouija in the first place and that they may or may not correlate with your own.
  • Always close the board at the end of the seance, particularly if it was overly negative. This will minimise the risk of energies tiding over into your everyday consciousness.