Is the Ouija real?

It’s an interesting question, but first you must be clear why you are using the board. Are you solely playing Ouija to contact spirits? If so, the “realness” of Ouija depends entirely upon the existence of ghosts which is a completely different issue.

I believe that the Ouija is a powerful tool in accessing the lower reaches of the subconscious and even parts of the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious can be seen as something which interlinks humanity. I picture it as a row of houses where the attics are all connected, making it possible for people to progress into different territories producing foreign info. This could explain the information the Ouija produces that it is in fact reaching into the depths of our minds, extracting data about us and others.

In most instances the Ouija is only as real as you believe it to be. There are testimonies out there where skeptics have tried the board for the first time and had a deeply unpleasant experience. Whether these stories are credible is up for debate. Each individual will inevitably approach the session with a different mindset to others, which in turn will effect how they perceive the outcome.

So to answer the original question, you are best deciding for yourself whether the board is real by actually trying it.